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Shady Cove, Oregon


Shady Cove Oregon

It all started here. In the 1920s, a small logging company set up camp where the highway to Crater Lake reached the Rogue River - at a cove just below the old ferry crossing.


The operation prospered. A saw mill grew around the operation - and a town with it - in the area now known as Shady Cove, Oregon.


The community grew and eventually a bridge was built across the river just below the bend. A restaurant-lounge was built along the highway and soon, an innkeeper offered lodging at the new "Motel."


As more people began passing through in their travels, some would return to make their homes here.


In the 1960s, the community of Shady Cove began to outgrow the timber operations and the community eventually incorporated in 1972.


Things have changed over the years. The city now boasts three places of lodging as well as half a dozen restaurants. Shady Cove has an auto parts store, a hardware store, a pharmacy, a market, 2 burger joints, a used car lot, three gas stations, and more. More than 2 dozen locations is the city sell alcohol. Whether you are looking for food, fun or fuel, the city of Shady Cove, Oregon has it.


The Cove


The private community we know today as "the Cove," got its start when the Elder Logging Company began selling lots at the original camp and existing buildings to individuals who made their homes in this private community.


Shady Cove Oregon

The Cove was the original site of the town and from this core, the city of Shady Cove expanded. The original Shady Cove Post Office - washed away in the flood of 1964 - stood not far from where Riverside Drive and Laurel come together presently.


There was no mail delivery - the Post Office held mail for pick up. Even today, the USPS does not deliver mail in the Cove.


The Cove enjoys every benefit offered by summer recreation in the city. Whether it be rafting, swimming, or fishing, the Cove has it abundantly. Nearly every form of recreation for which Shady Cove is known can be enjoyed from the privacy of our Cove.


Cove Radio

The Shady Cove Property Owners Association - SCPOA


The Cove is a private community and its homeowners have a commonly held parcel known as taxlot 3900. The Shady Cove Property Owners Association ("SCPOA") is an Oregon Domestic Non-Profit Corporation and filed on May 2, 1995.


The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 442728-88. The association is charged with protecting, maintaining, and enhancing taxlot 3900.


Despite its Oregon charms, life in the Cove is not without its hazards. This publication attempts to chronicle both as a comparator. If one shines more brightly than another or if the other should smell so much worse than its fellow, please consider each in its own circumstance - fairly and evenhandedly. In a city the size of Shady Cove, people ought be mindful not to give offense to their neighbors. In a community as small as the Cove, it is imperative.


Despite this fact, there are some here in the Cove who are not able to apprehend this very simple principle: you don't soil your own nest. A prudent person would practice their best manners in such an environment. Sadly, there are some people with whom we must coexist who are so completely lacking personal class and good character, that they cannot seem to behave in any fashion which might set them apart from poorly bred, uncared for children.


If the good people of the Cove seem to suffer such people, let's recognize that it is so because of charity and not desire. Let us hope the malfeasors repent of their evil doings and redeem themselves before the community. In the alternative, let them be shamed.


Life in the Cove has all the elements of a reality TV show. Personal triumph and personal failure. There is laughter, there are tears. There is joy and sadness, insanity and reason, crime and punishment, thievery and beneficence, happiness and bitterness, hatred and charity. In a word: drama. The drama has already begun - let the curtain now rise.




Drama in the Cove

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