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From time to time, I will refer to myself and or the website using what is known as "the majestic plural," sometimes called "the royal we". Should I say "we here at Shady Cove Drama" or "we at Cove Radio," I am refering to myself.


I am Cove Radio - I am Shady Cove Drama dotcom.


Shady Cove Drama


Scary!The woman in the booking photo to the left is Cindy Boucher. She was arrested for assaulting my partner on December 23, 2014. She lives with Rick Jackson. They used to love to allow their dogs to run at large through the Cove. They (the dogs) defecated wherever they liked because Rick and Cindy are selfish, classless, terrible neighbors. My partner and I, like others in the Cove, suffered such thing in an effort to be good neighbors.


While I was recovering from lung surgery in September of 2014, Rick Jackson, ignoring the fact that I was clearly convalescing, accused me of cutting some sort of log, said to have been disturbed during a repair of the pump by my partner and Mr. Kresswell, to which Jackson claimed ownership.



Why am I doing this? Follow this link for the podcast.


Quickly growing tired of his constant petty bellyaching, I asked him point blank the following question: "So, you have been somehow injured. What would it take to make you whole?" His answer was quintessentially stupid: "I don't know." I informed him to think about it and to keep quiet about his log until he had an answer.


It was not long until Rick and Cindy's dogs were again running at large. My partner brought the dog back to the Jackson home and asked Cindy to please mind her pet. Cindy was furious and true to her station, she began screaming, cursing and name calling. Jackson later came to our property armed with a stick. He was ordered to leave.


Not long thereafter, their dog "Sugar Bear," found itself trapped on our deck at 78 Fir. I called the Sheriff who sent an officer, who in turn advised me to call Jackson County Animal Control. I did so and more than two hours later, Officer Mike of Jackson County Animal Control arrived and impounded the dog. Keep in mind that nobody came looking for the dog for more than two hours. They were cited and the dog was released. They went to "dog court," lost, and were fined $200.


They didn't learn from this experience. On December 23, 2015, Sugar Bear again came to our property and tried to follow my partner into the house - becoming trapped again - this time in an enclosed area of the back porch. Before we could call Animal Control a second time, Cindy Boucher appeared and assaulted my partner, dragging her to the ground.


Fortunately, two young men who were walking through the Cove, came to the rescue -separating the two until Jackson County Sheriff's deputies (who were called in the interim) could arrest Boucher. The two young men were later harassed and falsely accused for their good deeds - reviled by most if not all of the SCPOA officers.


Eventually, the dog was again impounded. Going to dog court a second time, they again lost - not only another fine ($250 this time) but because of Jackson's lying to the hearing officer - the dog was taken as well. A third hearing was held and once again they lost on all counts. They were assessed a total of $950 in fines - just because they refused to be good neighbors.


Suddenly, our landlady (a real wonderful lady who deserves much better than the brother and sister in law she has) sent us notice that she wanted us out - forming a canard about wanting to live in the home upon her imminent retirement. We knew of course that the story was untrue and because her brother John Ewen is such good friends with Rick Jackson (birds of a feather), we can only imagine the he and Vicci were behind the push. We quickly found another home to rent in the Cove - to their utter horror.


Since that time, I have witnesses our friends, identified here as the "Kresswells," being verbally abused, cursed at and accused falsely by certain officers of the SCPOA, working in concert to drive them from the Cove. And what was the cause of this? It was all because Jim and my partner worked selflessly to repair a water pump that delivers to 11 homes - Paula Trudeau, then in charge of the pump operation, being too busy on holiday to do anything about it. As if to add insult to injury, those complaining the loudest have no rights to Rogue River water at all.


I have had enough of low class bullies, talking like white trash, pushing nice people around. TO: SCPOA President Lena Richardson, SCPOA Vice President Elizabeth Ryckman, SCPOA Secretary Paula Trudeau, SCPOA Treasurer Vicci Ewen and your boorish lout of a husband John, and the rest:




Expect to be held accountable for everything you do.


  1. Are you drawing water without permission? Expect a visit from the watermaster.
  2. Does your property look like a slum? Expect a visit and a citation from the authorities.
  3. Are you building without a permit? Expect a visit from Jackson County Code Enforcement.
  4. Are you a mortgagor behind on your property taxes? Expect foreclosure.
  5. Do you have a secret? Expect exposure.


Good neighbors can expect mercy - evil ones can expect consequences.


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