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Idiocy in the Cove with Rick Jackson



UPDATE: We may have a winner - Cove Radio is awaiting receipt of an image, said to be of "Little Eddie" Barmore doing physical labor - results to be reported on the next edition of COVE RADIO!

There's drama in the Cove - Shady Cove Oregon



Idiocy in the Cove with Rick Jackson

 Morons in the Cove

Jim Ed Barmore licenseCAN YOU bust "Little Eddie" Barmore ?


About 6 years ago, Jim Edward Barmore, AKA "Little Eddie," deserted a son and a daughter - refusing to pay a penny of child support to provide for his children. Now when pressed by Oregon Child Support officials, he claims to be "in poor health," suffering from some undisclosed "serious medical condition," according to Oregon Department of Justice officials.


Nonetheless, he can be seen working regularly - digging trenches, operating heavy machinery and performing other tasks associated with his interest in the marijuana farm at 104 Fir street, Shady Cove, Oregon.


Idiocy in the Cove with Rick Jackson


Cove Radio will pay you 10% of a REAL BITCOIN for a recent image of "Little Eddie" performing ablebodied tasks.


Current Bitcoin value






Can be seen in the Cove at 104 Fir St. and at the Cove pump-houses at the Rogue River.


Has been seen picking up mail from mailboxes located on Highway 62, near Brophy Way, Shady Cove, Oregon.


Is often seen in public with Elizabeth A. Ryckman. Was recently seen with her, parked in a White Jeep at a turnout on Riverside Drive in the Cove.


"Little Eddie's" ID card.


Here is a recent image of Jim Ed Barmore.


Idiocy in the Cove with Rick Jackson

Can you Bust "Little Eddie" cheating his kids? If so, you could win 10% of one whole Bitcoin!






Employees of and Cove Radio, the Contest's participating sponsors and their advertising agencies, employees of other radio or TV stations, residents of Serbian held areas of Eagle Point Oregon and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate and win. Contest void where prohibited by law - and in Ulan Bator.