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Cynthia Lu Boucher

Rafting in the Cove

 Rafting in the Cove

Cynthia Lu BoucherWhen it comes to "crazy criminal types," few can compete with Cindy Boucher. Cindy even has her own page on the Medford Mugshots website. Why you might ask? The answer is because on December 23, 2014, Cindy was arrested for an unprovoked assault upon an innocent neighbor, Linda Krisitch.


The incident cost Cindy the custody of her favorite pet, "Sugar Bear."


Did Cindy learn anything from her most recent incarceration? It is doubtful. Cindy can often be seen and heard in the neighborhood screaming obscenities at her neighbors.


Rafting in the Cove




Cynthia Lu Boucher - crazy lady - Shady Cove Oregon


Despite the foregoing, there remain those who peddle the fiction that Cynthia Boucher was a victim in the above mentioned incident - ignoring the fact that it was reported for all the world to see in the Upper Rogue Independant Sheriff Report.


Cindy is no stranger to the local court system. The Jural Index website has devoted its share of cyberspace to present its report on Cynthia Lu Boucher.


Cynthia Lu Boucher does not present herself well - perhaps because of emotional problems. It is unfortunate that she is allowed to terrorize the neighborhood as she does.