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Jim Kresswell told the truth


Diane Center

Rick Jackson threw Dianne Center under the bus!

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Dianne lied - then recanted

Diane Center seemed like a nice person upon first meeting. She never seemed like the kind of person who would agree to lie about innocent people committing criminal acts - but that does indeed seem to be the case. At a hearing before one Commissioner Whitlock, Jackson County Animal Control Officer Mike Slusarczyk related meeting Diane Center, interviewing her about an incident occurring on December 23, 2014, at 78 Fir St.


Diane had previously made the statement to Mr. Slusarczyk that she saw the woman living at 78 Fir, break Cindy Boucher's fence, then enter onto Rick Jackson's property, dragging the dog to 78 Fir - in an effort to falsely accuse the innocent resident, Lily Crosstich, of a committing a crime.


Dianne Center: liar - Shady Cove Oregon


According to the officer, Diane Center broke into tears under a second examination - admitting that the earlier statement accusing the innocent neighbor was false.


Animal Control Officer Slusarczyk asked Diane why she lied to him earlier. According to Mr. Slusarczyk, she stated that Rick Jackson asked her to lie. When pressed as to why she was willing to lie, she answered that Jackson had told her that the dog would be taken away by Jackson County Animal Control. Mr. Whitlock asked Jackson about the incident and Rick denied everything - swearing under oath that Diane Center had told Jackson that she had witnessed the incident - calling Diane Center a liar.


It didn't work: ironically, the dog was ordered to be removed from the home at that very hearing - after the Commissioner discovered that Jackson sought to deceive the county.


Like others, Diane Center learned about Rick Jackson the hard way. She owes those neighbors she maligned a huge apology. Will they receive it? It is doubtful. Good character does not seem to be among the list of personal strengths valued by certain Cove residents. Diane Center has shown herself to be a friend to liars - and an enemy to decent people.


Thankfully, she has been hiding her face in shame since the publication of this information. It's nice not to see her anymore.