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Jim Kresswell told the truth


Diane Center

Rick Jackson threw Dianne Center under the bus!

 Rafting in the Cove

Dianne lied - then recanted

It’s a horrible thing to abuse an animal.


It is an even more horrible thing to falsely accuse an innocent person of such a crime. Diane Center is such a person.


In late 2014, Cove Resident Diane Center of Shady Cove Oregon, caused to be filed a false report with Jackson County Animal Control Officer Mike Slusarczyk, testifying that her neighbor, a woman innocent of any wrong doing, had broken a fence to steal Diane’s friend’s dog – dragging the poor animal by the collar.


The friend’s whom Diane Center agreed to help with her lies, were Rick Jackson and Cindy Boucher.


And why did Diane lie for her friends? So her friends would avoid paying a $250 fine to Jackson County Animal Control. This shows that Diane thinks nothing of destroying a good person’s reputation, if it will keep her friends from having to pay a fine.


Let’s hope Diane Center's job, if she has one, doesn't require truthfulness, honesty or the handling of money. She might even accuse an employer of a crime – to keep from being fired for cause. What’s to stop her?


I hope she doesn’t work with animals either.


Time has a strange way of proving things.


The innocent woman she accused of a crime, now serves the city of Shady Cove honorably, as an elected official. Diane on the other hand, is still liar – serving her community dishonorably.


More than two years have transpired and Diane still refuses to apologize to her neighbor for how she threw dirt upon that good woman’s reputation.


2 kind of people


Some kind of people are decent – by their nature - others are not. So, why the disparity? This author believes it has to do with the type of upbringing each of us have. Dishonest parents raise dishonest offspring – honest parents raise honest offspring. Perhaps Diane was raised by liars or criminals.


I suppose I should feel sorry for her, given the fact that she was not raised as well as the rest of us have been. Still, it is difficult to feel empathy for someone who shows so little regard for a good person’s name as does Diane Center. I guess when one’s own family name carries a poor reputation, it must be easy for such a person to so ruin another - even forsuch a paltry amount as $250.


That Diane Center plainly is not naturally honest or decent is sad for her. Good character does not seem to be among the list of personal strengths valued by Diane's family or friends.


That such is fact is even sadder for the rest of us – who love the Cove despite those less fragrant among us.



Dianne Center: liar - Shady Cove Oregon



Thankfully, she has been hiding her face in shame since the publication of this information. It's nice not to see her anymore.