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Jim-Ed Barmore


The Little Eddie Barmore Deadbeat Baby Daddy Birthday Bash
Cove Radio for Wednesday, January 25th, 2017


Little Eddie Barmore said to be on his deathbed - unable to pay child support due to his "poor health and serious medical condition" - Cove Radio for July 23, 2016!


Rafting in the Cove

 Rafting in the Cove

How to cheat the Oregon Department of Justice - and WIN!It's difficult to imagine anyone more lacking in good character than "Little Eddie" Barmore. This low class individual owns no property in the Cove. In fact he doesn't even live here - he lives in a trailer on Rogue River Drive with his daddy. Why then does he think to impose his foul mouth and low class disposition upon the rest of us? It's because he is the boyfriend of Mrs. Thomas Ryckman, who owns the run down rental they use to farm marijuana at 104 Fir St. in the Cove.


Jim-Ed is not much more than a little boy. He loves to pretend he is somebody important. Although he has no home in the Cove and no authority, he loves to harass the residents who do have the right to be here - because that's what ill-bred little boys do.


I'll bet his parents are proud!


Little Eddie has the foul mouth of a prison convict - and the manners to go with it. Although he might believe it makes him look "all grown up," in reality it's a sign of immaturity and displays a lack of vocabulary. Come on now Junior - were you actually born in that trailer?


Little Eddie Barmore: a Deadbeat Dad


Jim Ed Barmore is a "deadbeat dad" who owes more than $90,000 in child support. He has two sons that he abandoned more than 30 years ago. He then started another family that he has since abandoned. He has a home in Florence, Oregon. Why doesn't he return to it? Because it's in forclosure and "Little Eddie" is doing what he always does when he has problems: HE RUNS AWAY!


Jim Ed Barmore – Little Eddie, is an example to all men of honor – showing us all how a father takes the helm of his family – as the captain of a ship. And when the weather turns rough -–when the sails are taxed by the storm and the ship starts to take on water, a good captain will grab a life vest, hop into the lifeboat, and desert his ship and crew – leaving them to their fate.


No? Well he does if he’s a deadbeat baby daddy like Jim Ed Barmore. How will the children survive? “Who cares” says the deadbeat dad – “let them worry about themselves – I’m all about ME! “


Little Eddie – Jim Ed Barmore has abandoned his most important responsibilities: his children. Jason, Trenton, Abigail and Wyatt are just tossed away as though they are garbage. What kind of a man does that?


Now that I think about it, those kids are much better off without Little Eddie Barmore in their lives anyway. Maybe they dodged a bullet. Too bad about the moms though, eh? They had to raise the kids all by themselves – with no child support. I guess Little Eddie needed that money more than his children did.


Now, Little Eddie is claiming to the Oregon Department of Justice, to be too ill to pay child support. A print piece on the entire episode is forthcoming.


Don't DEADBEAT DADS lose their license to drive? Ed drives all over - presumably without one.


Little Eddie might think of himself in romantic terms - but they will catch him - he is NOT the "Midnight Rider." A song is just a song - a contempt order is another thing altogether.


Little Eddie can't escape the facts surrounding 4620 Mitchell Loop Rd


Little Eddie also walked away from a mortgage on his home located at 4620 Mitchell Loop Rd Florence, OR 97439.


That property was taken back by the lender on July 13, 2016 at 10:00 o'clock, A.M. inside the main entrance of the Lane County Courthouse, 125 E. 8th Avenue, in the City of Eugene, County of Lane, State of Oregon.


The foreclosure sale was held by the law firm of McCarthy Holthus, LLP.


Way to go, Little Eddie!



Bill collectors. Ex-wives seeking back child support. Everybody is looking for Little Eddie but can't seem to find him. The Cove can't seem to get rid of him. How lucky are we?


Jim-Ed Barmore: in need of remedial parenting


The sad truth is that not everyone has been blessed with good parents. You Little Eddie Barmore, seem to be among that group of people who were poorly bred and poorly raised. You may be an only child or were raised to be spoiled and so now you expect the world to give you your way - throwing fits and cursing when you don't get it. Maturity has eluded you.


Maybe your parents just didn't care enough about you to teach you any type of good manners. Some children were unloved and exhibit the emotional scars by lashing out in outbursts of emotional incontinence. Society calls these emotionally damaged individuals "losers." Our prisons are full of such people.


Little Eddie, sometimes a boy needs to be addressed as a man and set straight before he will ever grow up. Since your parents were/are unwilling or unable to properly teach you the facts of life, it must be said here. Jim-Ed, I am hoping that underneath that your white trash exterior, you might yet have two brain cells that can still communicate with each other - even if the odds are against it - pay close attention:


The facts

1. You Mr. Barmore, are merely a guest in the Cove - nothing more. You would do well to act like one.


2. You do not live here. You do not own any real property here.


3. You have no say and no vote in what happens in the Cove. None.


4. You have no say in who may or may not enjoy any portion of taxlot 3900, including and especially the roads providing ingress and egress to the community.


You should speak kindly and respectfully to all who reside here - in acknowledgement of your guest status. Refrain from cursing, especially around women and children. Vulgar language is a sign that you had poor upbringing and that you lack what society calls "class." It has been well said that profanity is the effort of a weak mind to express itself forcefully. If you are not articulate enough to express yourself like a gentleman, please keep quiet until an adult can help you.


In closing, if you find the above doesn't suit you, go back home to your daddy's home. There is a trailer there waiting for you. It suits you perfectly.


With all the trouble Little Eddie has caused himself, the question does arise: was Eddie's mouthing off, cursing and threatening innocent Cove residents worth the resulting consequence?


Only Elizabeth Ryckman Aguilar knows for sure.