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Elizabeth A Aguilar-Ryckman


Elizabeth A. Ryckman

A foul mouthed thing






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A foul mouthed thing



Elizabeth A Ryckman

Elizabeth A. Ryckman (maiden name Elizabeth A. Aguilar ) may be many things - a lady she is not.

The vulgarity which gushes forth from her mouth like so much excreta spewing from a sewer pipe, marks her as anything but. It seems as though Liz has not yet learned that vulgarity is no substitute for wit.


That she sees nothing wrong with such behavior marks her as low class and poorly bred. She just doesn't seem to know any better than to come across as low class trash.


This is the best the Shady Cove Homeowners Association could do for Vice President. She is a liar and a perjurer.

A foul mouthed thing




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A foul mouthed thing

Elizabeth Ruckman - Shady Cove Oregon

A foul mouthed thing


Elizabeth Ruckman - Shady Cove Oregon



Elizabeth A. Ryckman is a skip-tracers nightmare. According to public records, Elizabeth A. Aguilar was born in 1959. She was married in 1987 in San Diego California, and has had more than a dozen addresses including:


Brawley California
San Jose California
Fremont California
Redwood City, California
San Diego California
Imperial California
Santee California
Littleton Colorado
Denver Colorado
Lakewood Colorado
Phoenix Arizona
Prescott Arizona
Gold Hill Oregon
Eagle Point Oregon
Talent Oregon
Prospect Oregon


Now she claims to live in Shady Cove, Oregon.


She is married - for the moment - to Thomas E. Ryckman of San Jose, California.


She used to be Vice President of the Shady Cove Property Association (SCPOA). She is nothing today. Liz attended Brawley Union High School in Brawley, California. Elizabeth A Aguilar - AKA Mrs. Thomas Ryckman, AKA Elizabeth A Ryckman commits perjury.


Lies gush from her mouth as easily as vomit. The vulgar language which seems to constantly issue from her mouth, flows constantly as though it were an infectious discharge. Lies are Elizabeth Ryckman's native tongue. She is well practiced in the art of deceit.


Liz Ryckman's money problems



Liz seems to have trouble paying her bills. Jackson County Oregon public records indicate that she's behind in paying her sewer service bill - earning herself a sewer lien of $175.54.


What is odd is the fact that Elizabeth Ryckman used to have plenty of money to burn through. According to the ELIZABETH RYCKMAN FILES, she used to spend money as though it were a steady job. But something changed in 2013 - for some unfathomable reason - her husband stopped sending her the $475.00 she used to get each week.


One does have to wonder why Mr. Ryckman stopped sending his faithful wife all that money each week. Perhaps Mrs. Ryckman got into an argument with her husband Tom about some trivial incident. Sometimes small things become blown all out of proportion. Then again, maybe Mr. Ryckman got into an argument with Mrs. Ryckman's fiancée Little Eddie Barmore about money. It's difficult to say.


One thing is certain: Mrs. Elizabeth A Ryckman and her fiancée, the Little Eddie Barmore, are no longer living as well as they once seemed to do. Maybe Liz should move in with her mother and tell her fiancée to go live with "Poppy."


Other problems for Mrs. Ryckman and her fiancée


As if these troubles were not enough, there's the issue of her water bill. Has it been paid? Is it delinquent? Will someone email the Watermaster Larry P. Menteer to inform him that Elizabeth Ryckman has no water right to draw from the Rogue River - but takes it anyway?


How will her tenants grow of marijuana without water? How will she and her "fiancée" grow theirs? One wonders. Chances are, no official charged with investigating such affairs - will - and Liz and Little Eddie know it.



Liz Ryckman's Code violations


Elizabeth A RyckmanIt has been well said that people who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones. Nowhere is this parable more apropos than as it applies to Liz Ryckman. Shady Cove City Ordinance § 90.03 (C) (2) declares the following to be a public nuisance:


"Accumulation of any old or scrap copper, brass, pipe, rope, wire, rags, batteries, paper, plastic, trash, rubber, debris, waste or junked, dismantled, wrecked, scrapped or ruined appliances, motor vehicles or other vehicles or appliances, motor vehicle or other vehicles parts, iron, steel or other old or scrap ferrous or nonferrous material, metal or nonmetal materials on private property within the sight of the public."



It would seem that Liz scored 100% on that one. Now nobody would want to report a good neighbor for something like this. Some may however want to report Elizabeth Ryckman. All it takes is a phone call to the Shady Cove Sheriff's Office: 541-878-3200 or 541-776-7206. Tell them the Shady Cove Drama site sent you. You'll be glad you did!


A Cove rumor has it that Elizabeth Ryckman has someone living in a trailer on her property. If true, it would mean that the single occupancy rule for that property would be broken - exposing her to fines and the expulsion of at least one family from that property. Rumor further has it that those trailers (one having become three just before last years harvest), house Liz and Ed's marijuana workers.


That probably wouldn't happen to nice people who don't curse and revile their neighbors. It could happen to people like Liz and Jim-Ed though - if someone were to make a confidential complaint to Jackson County Code Enforcement using this downloadable form.


Most people realize that they are always better off being nice than being nasty. Mrs. Ryckman should realize that it's nice to be nice!


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