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Jim Kresswell told the truth


John and Vicci Ewen

Rafting in the Cove

 Rafting in the Cove

John and Vicci Ewen

John and Vicci Ewen are not as stupid as Rick Jackson - but they're working on it!


Vicci is a very controlling individual - once even telling her sister in law's renters that they were to avoid Jim and Linda Kresswell. That she believes that she has such right or authority illustrates just how little brain activity there is going on above her shoulders.


Vicci also shows that she is a low class individual - cursing Jim Kresswell like a tramp - all while Jim and Lisa kept their composure and their personal dignity. This is the best the Shady Cove Homeowners Association can do for a Treasurer.



John and Vicci Ewen - Shady Cove Oregon


Permit much?Although the Ewen's have made some efforts to improve their rental property (dubbed "Camp Wee-Wee" by their former tenants), they haven't applied for a building permit to build the ramp at the back door. You can report the Ewen's to the Jackson County Code Inspector confidentially, by printing and filling out this form.


It's so sad that John and Vicci Ewen are not smart enough to understand one basic universal principal: what comes around, goes around. If only they had made efforts to be good neighbors instead of bad ones, nobody would care that they are skirting the law - but they didn't and the County of Jackson wants their money. Nastiness has a price - reciprocation.


The good news is that Camp Wee Wee is now listed for sale.


Shady Cove Drama wishes them the best of success!