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Lena Richardson: mayoral hopefull - Shady Cove, Oregon

Lena Richardson - Shady Cove Planning Commission - Shady Cove, Oregon

 Rafting in the Cove

Lena Richardson - Shady Cove Oregon

When it comes to playing politics, Lena Richardson has the upper hand. If Lena's highhandedness were limited to her obscene gestures, one might be content to ignore it as a sign of poor breeding and low class.


Sadly, this sign is an indication as to how she has run the Shady Cove Property Owners Association (SCPOA) – maliciously. Lena Richardson is a bully.


Now she wants to be mayor of the city of Shady Cove Oregon.


As a Candidate for Mayor of the City of Shady Cove, Oregon, Lena Richardson recognizes the political benefit of making obscene gestures in public.



Is this really the best the City of Shady Cove, Oregon can do to occupy the Mayor's chair?


Inasmuch as she would then be the "face" of the City of Shady Cove, what message would that send to the world about the affairs of our otherwise benevolent City of Shady Cove?


Lena Richardson knows no shame. If she would do this to a neighbor - shamelessly - knowing he was photographing her - what would she do as mayor if she got her hands on the entire town?


Shady Cove Planning Commissioner Lena Richardson's nasty middle finger - Shady Cove Oregon

That Lena Richardson lacks class is obvious. That she would consider representing the city as its mayor is laughable.


To serve as mayor is to be the face of the city - and she has shown herself to represent the very worst in human nature. Her word - like her finger - is not to be trusted.


In addition, Lena Richardson cynically uses an Oregon law to prevent at least one candidate for Shady Cove City Council from attending civic functions - a clear violation of both the Oregon and U.S. constitutions.


She opposes candidates against corruption in Shady Cove - and she opposes their plan to stop the giveaway of the Shady Cove City Sewer System to Rouge Valley Sewer Services - RVSS.


Lawless Lena Richardson has nothing to offer the citizens of Shady Cove but more of the same - more corruption - more lawlessness and more sleazy behavior.


A vote for Lena Richardson is a vote for vulgarity, bullying, and boorishness.


Do not let her fool you - she will stop at nothing to get her way - Lena Richardson represents her own best interests - not yours.


Don't choose a candidate you'd have to hold your nose to vote for while marking your ballot - elect an Honest - Ethical Candidate for Mayor of Shady Cove you can be proud of.



Shady Cove Planning Commissioner Lena Richardson's nasty middle finger - Shady Cove Oregon


Click here for the large Lena Richardson for Mayor Poster