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Jim Kresswell told the truth


Paula Trudeau: Shady Cove Planning Commission - Shady Cove, Oregon

Rafting in the Cove

 Rafting in the Cove

Paula Trudeau - malicious or incompetent?Some people are malicious. Some people are incompetent. Exactly which cannot be said with certainty, but it is plain that SCPOA Secretary Paula Marie Trudeau falls squarely into at least one of those categories.


In September 2014, Cove homeowner Jim Kresswell made a huge mistake. Innocently, and at Paula Trudeau's request, Jim handed Paula a number of receipts associated with the repair of a pump which draws water from the Rogue River for the benefit of a handful of property owners. Later, some took issue with Jim's handling of the situation and demanded that he turn the receipts over to them. He referred them to Paula Trudeau.



Paula Trudeau: City of Shady Cove, Oregon, Planning Commissioner


Paula Trudeau: facilitator of malice

Paula Trudeau - Shady Cove Oregon


The testimony of several eyewitnesses notwithstanding, Paula vehemently denied that Mr. Kresswell had ever given her the receipts - in essence calling them liars. Jim and his wife Lisa were then personally attacked by the "cabal" of Liz Ryckman, Ed Nobody, and John and Vicci Ewen. They were cursed at without cause, called "liars," " thieves," and worse – all while Paula sat on the receipts – saying nothing in defense of the Kresswells. It would be more than a year before Paula would apologize (privately) for her part in making the Kresswell's lives hell. That apology was made impersonally - by email. She apparently lacks the personal character and courage to apologize in person.


Paula Trudeau owes the entire Cove an apology for her callous disregard for the attacks made upon the personal character of Jim and Lisa Kresswell which were facilitated by Paula's malicious and/or incompetent handling of these evidences of Jim and Lisa's veracity.


Is Paula Trudeau so utterly lacking in good upbringing, civility and common courtesy, that she refuses to make proper efforts to exonerate Jim and Lisa Kresswell in the same public manner in which they were accused? Don't count upon it. If history give us any indication as to what the future holds, we find no reason hope that she will be motivated by personal class or good character.


Sadly, this dishonest and/or incompetent individual is the best the Shady Cove Homeowners Association can do for a Secretary. How horrible for everyone concerned. Thankfully, Paula did the right thing and refused to seek that position in 2017.Pauladid also leave the City of Shady Cove Planning Commission, wisely working to distance the city from the harm she has caused in our local community.


The good news is that Paula has listed her home for sale. Let's hope she can find a live one - or at least offer the property at a competitive price.

Paula Trudeau:

Retired on December 31, 2010.
Engaged February 2011.
Married April 10, 2013.
Exposed on September 18, 2015