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Rick Jackson

Idiocy in the Cove with Rick Jackson

 Morons in the Cove

Rick Jackson, Shady Cove Oregon

Nobody ever accused Rick Jackson of being a genius. In September 2013, he came unhinged, accusing neighbors of cutting his "log." How he came into possession of title to the alleged log isn't clear, but he created such a stink about it that said neighbors asked his wife, Cindy Boucher, to keep their dogs - which had become a nuisance - off of their property.


Cindy responded in typical fashion - with curses, threats, and insults. Rick later trespassed upon the neighbors property carrying a stick in his hand - apparently to threaten her. Before the series of incidents to follow would be over, Jackson would lose not only nearly $1,000 in fines, but a dog as well.



Rick Jackson - a stupid man from Shady Cove Oregon


Theft: a Cove primer


In most civilized societies, the act of taking possession of things which do not belong to you is considered to be theft or what we call “stealing,” and the person who steals is called a “thief.” In the Cove however, such taking of things that do not belong to you is considered to be an acceptable practice. This is quite surprising to this author, as he does have reason to believe that stealing is frowned upon in the other neighborhoods of Shady Cove Oregon.


One local resident of Shady Cove, Rick Jackson, takes things that do not belong to him. He is supported in his appropriation by the Shady Cove Property Owners Association (SCPOA). He has for example, stolen a portion of a commonly held portion of land – referred to as taxlot 3900 – from the rest of the Cove residents.


That road, designed to provide ingress and egress to the community for all Cove residents, was selfishly commandeered by Jackson - and a fence was placed across the road. Jackson’s excuse for holding Manzanita Street hostage? Hi argument is in essence - nobody is going to use it anyway. If this statement is true of course, it can only be because of Jackson's intransigence and not his clairvoyance.


Mind you, this author does not own a store in Shady Cove, nor does he own any type of business, but if he did, he would watch for people who take things that do not belong to them – and observe them carefully if they enter the store – they might steal something. But then again, maybe nobody was going to buy it anyway.


What does Rick Jackson do for a living?


Everyone in the Cove knows Rick Jackson, although nobody in the Cove can remember him having any sort of employment. When it suits him, he limps as though he has some sort of disability - yet amazingly he is somehow able to construct a tree-house - when he's not fishing on the rocks on the bank of the Rogue River in the Cove.


One might wonder: how did a man who can't walk without difficulty end up way out there on those rocks? Perhaps he has "magic" in his "medicine pouch." Then again, maybe he is cheating the disability system - collecting payments while feigning disability. Time will tell.


It seems as though the rules that apply to rest of us are not meant for Rick Jackson. This self-defeating attitude is significantly counterproductive. Consider the following facts:


Ranger Rick Jackson, Shady Cove OregonRick Jackson is known for his trespassing in the Cove - as are his dogs and the love of his life - Cuckoo Cindy Boucher. His penchant for using other people's property without permission is not limited to the unlawful strolls he, his mate, and their dogs make onto and through other people's lots in the Cove - he also loves to burn trash and yard waste on other people's taxlots - often times leaving the burn pile unattended.


On Sunday, April 3, truck 6463 of Jackson County Fire District 4 (pictured left, extinguishing Jackson's unattended blaze) was called to extinguish another carelessly lit, unsupervised fire lit by Rick Jackson.



As if Jackson's open contempt of "Lori P" (who owns the taxlots Jackson has used as his own personal dumping ground) and the SCPOA board - who have passed several resolutions and votes to prevent people (Rick Jackson) from using other people’s lots ("Lori P") from being used as land fills and burning stations were not enough to make him odious to most of his neighbors, he goes even further.


Some people in the Cove have gone to a great deal of trouble to attain certification as a fire safe community by the National Fire Protection Association's Firewise Communities program. Their stated goals are "to save lives and property from wildfire." They also claim that their Firewise Communities program "teaches people how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to work together and take action now to prevent losses."


City code violation


Ranger Rick Jackson, Shady Cove OregonRick Jackson has an exposed electrical device, in this case a pump, which is not allowed in the City of Shady Cove, Oregon. Shady Cove City Ordinance § 90.03 (B) (4) prohibits " Unguarded machinery, equipment or other devices placed or stored in a manner to be appealing, dangerous and accessible to children."


Despite this ordinance, Rick Jackson's pump is indeed unguarded machinery in an area accessible and appealing to children. Nobody would want to report a good neighbor for something like this. Some may however want to report Rick Jackson. All it takes is a phone call to the Shady Cove Sheriff's Office: 541-878-3200. Tell them the Shady Cove Drama site sent you. All reports will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.