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Elizabeth A. Ryckman perjures herself

A foul mouthed thing

 Rafting in the Cove

Elizabeth A Ryckman

SCPOA Vice President Liz Ryckman has perjured herself. The crime was committed on October 16th, when she swore falsely under oath, lying to Circuit Court judge Tim Barnack, in a Petition for Stalking Protective Order filed against “Cove Radio” host Craig Portwood.


In that sworn document, Mrs. Ryckman falsely claimed among other things, that respondent Portwood has threatened to kill her, during his Cove Radio podcast.


It is suspected that Ryckman made these false statements in a failed attempt to stop Portwood’s exposure of her commercial marijuana operation at her property in the Cove at 102 Fir St.


It is also likely that the filing was made in retribution, because Portwood has admitted complaining to Jackson county about numerous code violations at her property at 102 Fir. Ryckman received two $500.00 fines from Jackson County as a result of Portwood’s complaint.


In that sworn document, Ryckman has made a number false allegations that are easily disproved – which may earn her a contempt of court charge for lying to the court. Perjury is a Class C felony (ORS § 162.065¹). If convicted, Ryckman faces a fine of up to $125,000 and up to 5 years in jail.


Then there are the defamitory statements she has made about me.


This seemingly quiet page is about to explode - take cover!