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Shady Cove Property Owners Association - SCPOA - Shady Cove Oregon

Rafting in the Cove


The Cove  Pledge

The SCPOA was put into place to protect, enhance, and maintain taxlot 3900 and to provide a way to collect and pay taxes on that taxlot.


Taxlot 3900 is a commonly held parcel that includes not only all roads in the cove but the common area at the river. Lena Richardson, president of SCPOA, has a fiduciary responsibility to preserve that commonly owned parcel.


The Shady Cove Property Owners Association is in charge of maintaining, protecting and preserving taxlot 3900. This fact notwithstanding, SCPOA President Lena Richardson - despite her fiduciary position of trust - has taken a part of it. Fait accompli.

Rafting in the Cove

Abandoned Richardson family vehicle - the CoveApparently not wanting to be outdone, the Richardson's tenant (a Richardson family member himself) had abandoned a disabled vehicle on taxlot 3900 as well - until this note appeared. The fruit does not fall far from the tree as they say.


Rick Jackson who has shown his personal penchant for using the property of others without their consent, has likewise taken a portion of taxlot 3900 (Manzanita St.) for use as his personal driveway. He has also decided to place an unsightly pile of gravel meant for road repair, right on the common area of 3900, near the river.




This disregard for the rights of others is a hallmark of immature, selfish people. These scofflaws are encouraged to repent of their evil doings and to sign the Cove Pledge.