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"The Children Always Suffer"

Podcasting in the Cove


Podcasting in the Cove

Craig Portwood: FINGER



Little Eddie was the kind of guy
Loved to kiss the girls but then he'd make ‘em cry
Well he’s loving ‘em and leaving ‘em with nothing but a sigh
Stick the mom with babies and he'd never say goodbye
Leave the mom with babies and the children wonder why


Raising children is so hard to do
Got to be a mother - play the father’s role too
And no matter how you try sometimes you haven’t got a clue
Taking care of business that the father wouldn’t do
Life is such a battle when your dad ain’t coming through


Life can be like running in the sand
A boy can struggle trying to be a man
And sometimes he gets in trouble and he needs a firmer hand
Momma just can’t do it though she tries the best she can
Life can be a struggle when your dad is on the lamb


A girl starts planning in the month of May
To be ready for her wedding day
Momma's feeling so much sadder ‘cause she don’t know what to say
Turning to a stranger just to give the bride away
It falls another when your daddy runs away


A single mother’s life is hard to bear
A cry for help is just like talking to the air
And she keeps the home together - though she’s pulling out her hair
Sometimes she feels like crying though you know she doesn’t dare
The children always asking why their father doesn’t care
The only thing he taught his kids is life just isn’t fair
And the children always suffer when their daddy isn’t there


Words and music by Craig Portwood